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Our unique location right in the Nuuksio National Park allows for wide variety of activities. We can help you plan a relaxing and fun package of activities suited just for your group. Tell us about your plans and wishes, our experienced personnel is happy to get creative and will return to you with an offer.

Enjoying the Nature in Nuuksio
With its extensive network of trails and some 43 lakes and ponds Nuuksio is ideal for short hiking trips lasting from an hour to two days as well as for canoeing, rowing, short walks and guided tuors, mushroom picking and fishing trips. A special moment is shared by the campfire cooking traditional Finnish pan coffee. The forest has always some beautiful secrets to reveal; our experienced guides are happy to share some of those secrets with you.

Outdoor Fun and Action in Nuuksio!
Based on the interests of your group we can plan fun team games and competitions. We offer brain tickling missions, team games and competitions, forest survival games as well as snow shoe walking, ice skating, Nordic Walking, skiing, horseback riding, ice golf, group orienteering with fun tasks, survival and wilderness skill drills, swim in rescue suites in the icy waters and wide variety of other activities.

Team Building and Recreational Activities in Nuuksio
Make your Team Spirit sparkle! Let your team create some great memories together and share time in Nuuksio nature. The nature casts its special light and let's you see new aspects fo your team and colleagues!

Once in a Lifetime in Nuuksio
Are you looking for some unique and special memories to be shared by friens or team members? If a moonlight walk to a secret Nuuksio pond, evening bonfire with songs and poems, hot chocolate in an icy pond floating in rescue suits, or an adventure through Nuuksio lake uplands with trained rescue dogs does not do it for you, contact us and tell us about your group and wishes.

Creative Fun in Nuuksio
Are you looking for something special to tune the team spirit while leaving you with an unique memento? Guided by our experienced staff you can create your own poem, story or painting. Our methods make it easy and fun. Or would you rather take your cameras and find out who is the master of nature photography, or gather around an open fire and learn the secret’s of forest cooking?

Relaxing with Friends in Nuuksio
Ask for special packages created for groups seeking to relax and to have fun together in the nature. We are there to pamper you with special experiences and good service, including for example massage therapy and beauty treatments.

Environmental Awareness in Nuuksio
The nature has a central role and value in the Finnish culture. We are happy to share environmental information with our visitors in an entertaining and practical manner. You can choose to improve your knowledge of Finnish nature with a beautiful photo show or a fun quiz.